Reader services librarians

Reader services librarians help library users find materials and instruct them how to conduct research for course assignments. They help frame research strategies to assist patrons in finding the best possible sources of information. The reader services help desk is located at the bottom of the central stairs.

Interlibrary loan

Books and periodical articles not available locally can often be obtained through interlibrary loan (ILL) from other libraries. If you choose to borrow materials in the fashion, plan to wait at least two weeks for them to to arrive. Items that are hard to find may take longer. The library provides an online ILL request form for this purpose. To submit a request, go to Find Resources and click on the link Request Interlibrary Loan.

The library makes every effort to borrow materials from libraries that do not charge for their services; however, occasionally these fees cannot be avoided for limited items. In these cases, the Simpson University Library will pass any charges onto you, the requesting patron. Most libraries will charge $0.10 per page for photocopies, though this approach is being replaced by (free) digital transmission. All postage fees are paid by the library.

When an ILL arrives, we will notify you and inform you of the due date. This is determined by the lending library. Renewals may be requested, but we cannot guarantee that renewals will be granted. Renewals cannot be requested on or after the due date. Fines for overdue materials and charges to replace lost items are the responsibility of the person that requested the ILL.