Damaged materials

Fees for damaged and lost materials include repair or replacement costs plus a $10.00 service charge.

Fine notices

The date due slip is a reminder of the day an item is due back in the library. As a service, the library sends out overdue notices, fine notices and statements. The library, however, levies fines even if the patron has not received notification. To view the status of materials checked out, refer to Circulation Policies which describes how to renew your books online (steps 1-6).

Overdue or lost materials

28 Day Materials$0.25 per day
2 Hour Reserves$0.50 per hour
24 and 48 Hour Reserves$0.50 per day


The library charges fines for overdue materials at the above rate until they are more than 21 days overdue. On the 22nd day, the library considers unreturned items lost. At that time, the library charges $10.00 plus the replacement cost (current retail or out-of-print price) for each lost item. The library then removes the fines that accumulated during the previous 21 days. Students are given sixty to ninety days to pay or dispute fines, service charges or material replacement fees. The library maintains these charges internally for a minimum of 60 days. Between the first and fifteenth of every month, the library transfers carried charges older than 60 days to student accounts.