posted June 22, 2015

Those researching the C&MA founder, should be aware of the alliance page dedicated to him.

posted August 4, 2014

Visit SU archives to access material commemorating Simpson's recent and distant past.

Simpson in San Francisco

posted June 13, 2014

The library has added PsycINFO to its database lineup. The database is the industry standard resource for psychological research.


posted March 24, 2014

We have added new eBook collections to the library's offerings covering Religion, History, and Business. The individual titles are available through the catalog and by navigating directly to EBSCOhost eBooks

posted September 2, 2013 is a video collection featuring prominent therapists demonstrating techniques and commenting on their work.

posted November 30, 2012

Would you like to contribute to the library's future? This fund provides donors an opportunity to contribute to a perpetual fund that will support the library on an ongoing basis. Visit the SU Library's endowment fund page to donate and learn more.

posted March 6, 2012

Please note that public library PCs are not a safe or secure place to store your documents. The library makes no guarantees that saved documents will persist on any of our computers. In order to avoid losing your work, please save your files in a fashion that does not rely on the public terminals. We recommend cloud storage such as the freely available Google Drive. Flash drives are another good alternative. Should you need one, the library will provide you with a flash drive on short term loan.